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  • Reclaimed Materials

    Reclaimed Materials

    Aged to perfection, Mother Nature does the best work!

Reclaimed materials will make your friends, neighbors, and potential buyers take notice. Reclaimed barn siding that has been exposed to the elements provides a timeless look that only gets better with the passing years. Accent walls, entry ways, soffit and exterior wainscot highlight your good taste and convey a sense of harmony to all who enter. Reclaimed timber trusses, chunky exterior door and window trim and guardrails impart a sense of durability and quality. Whatever your style, we have the solution. We stock reclaimed materials suited to interior and exterior applications that fit with everything from historical renovations and remodels to new custom homes and  to high-end contemporary architectural design.




There’s something special about an old barn—the way it connects us to the land and recalls a simpler time, when life and work revolved around the changing seasons. Reclaiming barn wood lets us preserve the legacy of these venerable structures by bringing a bit of the past forward. Reclaimed matierals such as barnwood and rafters and make great building materials because of their low environmental impact, its one-of-a-kind character, and its structural soundness. Most of our wood is old or second growth, milled decades ago from trees that grew slowly, the way nature intended, resulting in denser wood with tighter growth rings and more natural character. We obtain our wood from reliable sources all over the United States. Species vary depending on region, but all of our wood contains a piece of our nation’s shared history.

Commercial Reclaimed

Commercial Reclaimed

The decommissioned factories, breweries, mills and warehouses of the continental US offer an abundance of salvaged building materials. Many are available in large dimensions and quantities, making them ideal for larger commercial and residential applications. Commercial reclaimed works well with contemporary design aesthetics, adding highlights of warmth to otherwise austere spaces. We source a variety of unique and ever-changing commercial reclaimed materials, such as sub-floor, roof metal, timbers and dimensional stock in many different species, all born in the USA!

Boards & Beams

Boards & Beams

The beautiful, rough-hewn beams and boards that served structural purposes in days gone by can be repurposed to create the appearance of load bearing supports in contemporary buildings. In special cases, we can send these elements out to be independently rated to perform structural functions. We also carry a diversity of dimensional stock for building decorative walls, trim and accents.
Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Metal

Metal roofing and siding exposed to the elements results in a rustic and unique look that’s durable and affordable. We source reclaimed standing seam panels, corrugated steel and galvanized siding in weathered patinas ranging from rusted-through to lightly pigmented. We are able to access these materials in large quantities, making them perfect for large-scale commercial applications.

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