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Custom Reclaimed Furniture

Original Face Dimensional Reclaimed Lumber

Original face tops are made from reclaimed dimensional softwood lumber that’s been joined to your size and finished to your specifications. We can create a variety of looks by adjusting how much we sand the top and what kinds of finish are applied. Original face tops make great tables, Islands and coffee table tops.

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Reclaimed Smooth & Rustic Butcher Block

We make our butcher block from reclaimed hardwoods, typically Oak and Ash but sometimes other species as well depending on the clients vision. Applying different techniques when we mill the wood can give the butcher block lots of character with nail holes and dark spots or keep it clean by milling the reclaimed character out. Butcher block is a working surface that’s meant to be used, it gets better with age and can be sanded out if it gets damaged. We recommend a simple beeswax finish, reapplied two times per year.

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Base Camp 17
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Repurposed PBR

This is a Crosscut Reclaimed exclusive! We have access to some of the sub-floor from the decommissioned Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery building #22 from Wisconsin. We build a unique table, bar, island tops and stair treads with it. The original material has a spline joint and we’ve brought that forward in our design. The PBR tops are thick, heavy and can be finished to your specifications. If you're looking for a conversation piece this is it

Pbr Stuff 2
Pbr Stuff 3
Pbr Stuff 4
Pbr Stuff 5
Pbr Stuff 6
Pbr Stuff 7
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Pbr 18
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Live Edge Slabs

Live edge slabs have become popular to bridge the gap between contemporary and rustic, providing a warm, natural element in otherwise clean and contemporary spaces. We’ve done many projects with slabs both exotic and locally sourced, be sure to check out the picture of a late 1800’s bullet we found in a local Douglas Fir slab while making creating the bar top for Pug Ryan's Brewery.

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Wine Cellar   Jack Norton092 1
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The beautiful, hand hewn, rough sawn and commercial beams and timbers that served structural purposes in days gone by can be repurposed in many different ways. Hand Hewn or commercial timbers make great mantles and furnishings as well as other interior accents. Timbers and beams can be used to create load bearing or faux timber frame structures or be used for highlights in conventional framed buildings.

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