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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order materials ?

Barnwood and reclaimed can be very subjective, no two pieces are the same and this is part of what makes it special! We’ve learned that it is best to have conversations with people about their projects so we can apply our knowledge to your ideas and help provide great outcomes. To this end we encourage you to give a call or send an email with your details and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.
Some of our common questions to you are:

  • Interior or exterior?
  • Application- wall, ceiling, furniture grade etc.
  • Quantity?
  • Preferred length and width?
  • Color(s) preference?

Do you offer free estimates or quotes?

We’re always happy to provide free quotes for your project. Please detail what you need and your application and we will get back with you soon. We’re happy to help you figure out your square footage based on the dimensions you provide us with. and what you'll need for your project.

Do you offer shipping & delivery?

  • We offer delivery services throughout the mountain west billed at $4.00 per mile one way.
  • We offer shipping for our furniture and materials, this is handled on a case by case basis.

Do I need to schedule a Design Consultation?

Yes, we like to schedule design meetings to ensure we have plenty of time to get through all the details without interruption, typically this takes one to two hours. Please come prepared with any info available to you, dimensions, colors, pictures of other things you’ve seen that you like, your timeframe and anything else that’s relevant. Please call or e-mail us to schedule a design meeting.

How do I install your Reclaimed Wall Cladding?

Over the years we’ve accumulated lots of knowledge on the do’s and don'ts when installing reclaimed (usually the hard way), we will skip the don'ts and get right to the do’s. The majority of the questions we get involve our wall cladding so lets focus on that.

When installing the wall cladding it's best to have a wood surface behind it that can be nailed to, this solves two problems at once. The wood under surface allows you to use 18 ga pin nails and nail the wall cladding wherever you want and we recommend that the subsurface be painted flat black so that any character, nail holes, knots etc show black vs drywall, wall paper etc. We recommend 1/4” or 3/8” plywood for the sub surface.

Once you’ve installed your black painted sub surface directly to the wall the next step is to choose the layout, horizontal? Vertical? Herringbone? It’s always best to use a level and create a couple control lines to reference during the install, this allows you to start level or plumb and stay there once the sawdust is flying. Time spent creating a good, accurate layout will save time during the install and yield better results. If doing something more involved like herringbone we recommend a more exhaustive layout, it's easy to get lost during the install if you don’t have good references.

Now you're ready to start installing the reclaimed, we recommend 3/4 or 1 inch 18 gauge nails for this, if nailing to plywood the small nails have plenty of gripping strength and the small heads virtually disappear in the wood, glue isn’t necessary but can be used. Use a nice sharp blade on your chop saw to cut down on chipping on the presentation surface of the reclaimed, square up one end of the piece, measure cut and nail!

What are the best finishing practices?

  • We get lots of questions about finishing reclaimed materials, we’d like to share a couple of our main guiding principles.
  • Unless the reclaimed is in a location where you're in contact with it regularly, like a countertop it's usually best to not finish it at all.
  • If you put any kind of solvent based product on the grey Barnwood it will turn the grey very dark.
  • If you put any kind of solvent based finish on brown Barnwood it will make it darker but also bring up rich warm tones.
  • Water based poly wont change the look much but will give a glossy finish even if it's called matte finish.
  • Unless it's going to get heavy daily use our preferred finish for shelves and tops is beeswax.
  • If it's going to get heavy repeated use and cleaning we use a commercial 2K poly for finishing.

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